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Viktor's Official Halloween Roundup of 20 Great Horror Films

In episode 4 of Tank Riot, Viktor discusses with Sputnik and Tor his list of 20 great horror films. He limited his choices to those films released after he was born. All the comments are by Viktor unless otherwise noted. Listen to the show for complete analysis and observations.

Buy Texas Chainsaw Massacre at Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Breakout film changes the direction of horror.
Buy Halloween at Halloween
JC brings on terror with a shatner mask and a killer soundtrack.
Buy Invasion of the Body Snatchers at Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Nemoy, Goldblum and Sutherland? A veritable who's who of creepy!
Buy Alien at Alien
(Ridley Scott Lance, Sigourney) Lance Hendrickson? Oh Yeah! Sigourney sells space terror? Definitely ! Is Dallas OK? Absolutely... Not...
Buy The Fog at The Fog
Nostalgia pic for Viktor... Oh yeah, he was scared shitless!
Buy The Shining at The Shining
Unforgettable. If you've seen it, you'll know! Kubrick at his best!
Buy An American Werewolf In London at An American Werewolf In London
Humor and horror wrapped up in a nasty dish of raw meat! Breaks the boundaries of horror to grab the uninitiated, and works for all...
Buy The Thing at The Thing
One of my favorite remakes! This starts a spree of JC/Kurt Russell films...Need 3 movies? The Thing, Escape From New York, Big Touble in Little China. You're Welcome!!! Tor thinks this is a great movie to watch in the winter.
Buy Nightmare on Elm Street at Nightmare on Elm Street
First great horror film to delve into our dreams. What did it create? Freddy Kruger! Thank you Wes Craven!
Buy Fright Night at Fright Night
Evil Ed Stephen Geoffreys gives a great performance as does Roddy McDowall. A funny, 80s horror flick that bends the genre and has fun with it!
Buy Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn at Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
Ultimate of 80s horror! This is the must see intro of Bruce Campbell, man of mystery... If you see this film, you will believe!
Buy Pumpkinhead at Pumpkinhead
Lance at his best, but furthermore we have a monster that is cruel and loathsome. What more do you want? Nostalgia pick, obviously!
Buy Jacob's Ladder at Jacob's Ladder
Mindfuck of a film from direcor Adrian Lyne, who also did 9 1/2 Weeks and Lolita. I can't say more...
Buy Misery at Misery
Best movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel by Rob Reiner.
Buy Army of Darkness at Army of Darkness
(Sam Raimi) End of the road for Ash from Housewares. A must see for those who followed my must-see tag on Evil Dead 2. A must see for everyone else as well!
Buy Scream at Scream
(Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson (The Faculty)) Most aware of the genre award goes to "Scream". Only worthy Kevin Williamson film on list. Sorry Jon Stewart, "The Faculty" was good but...
Buy Audition at Audition
(Mikke Takashi, Japan) Ultimate in freaky! Slow, but worth evey minute for the set up. See This Film!!
Buy The Sixth Sense at The Sixth Sense
M. Night did it well this time. Even those wise to the game should enjoy this romp. 1 of 4 Oscar nominated horror films...
Buy 28 Days Later at 28 Days Later
(Danny Boyle Trainspotting Cillian Murphy) Danny Boyle does the Zombie genre a favor by spooking it up a bit. Removing some of the humor for fast-paced terror worked well!
Buy The Eye at The Eye
(Pang Brothers Hong Kong Cantonese) Pang Bros film about an eye transplant spooks well!




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