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Huey "The Kingfish" Long!

Tank Riot: Episode 140

Show Notes

Huey "The Kingfish" Long! We discuss one of the most fascinating politician of the 20th century. We also go into cop and college stories, movie recommendations, mailbag, a contest, and more!

Huey Long is one of the most loved and hated politicians in US history. He campaigned for the common man by bringing roads and bridges to rural Louisiana. He provided free textbooks for all. He favored taxing the wealthy and big oil. He eliminating taxes that hurt the poor. However, he also built and maintained his power by a corrupt polital machine. His aim was to be president of the United States and many hated his lust for power. Long was a complex mix of good and bad. The tank crew take a shot at explaining Long, The Kingfish, and his impact on history.

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