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Howard Hughes!

Tank Riot: Episode 125

Show Notes

Howard Hughes! We discuss the complicated, tragic life of Bruce Wayne, no wait, Tony Stark, no wait, Howard Hughes, yeah, that's the guy! From Hollywood playboy to aviation pioneer to manic recluse. Also The Dark Knight Rises, and more!

Howard Hughes inherited a family fortune and drill bit business. He used those resources to invest and inovate in movies and aviation. The tank crew covers some of his most famous movies including Hell's Angels, The Outlaw, Sin of Harold Diddlebock, Jet Pilot, and more. The crew discuss some of his most famous flights, crashes, and planes such as the Hughes H-1 Racer, Spruce Goose (H4 Hercules), and XF-11.

So how many times was Howard Hughes involved in a plane crash? Tank Riot needs to know. Below we list the crashes we are aware of. Please e-mail Tank Riot if you know of other cases.

  1. circa 1929, Hell's Angels stunt plane crash
  2. 1935, Hughes H-1 Racer, crashed in a beet field after setting landplane airspeed record
  3. 17 May 1943, Sikorsky S-43 crash (2 passengers killed)
  4. 7 July 1946, XF-11 crash

Music by Oedipus Tex.

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