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Albert Einstein!

Tank Riot: Episode 116

Show Notes

Albert Einstein! The Tank Team discuss the legendary physicist everyone thinks they know. We also give our first impressions of Occupy Wall Street, the failures of US media, government and education. Strap on your helmet...

Perhaps this is the Occupy Tank Riot episode. Albert Einstein proves to be the perfect vehicle to launch Tank Riot into one of its deeper political and societal analyses. Einstein himself was in the middle of some of the largest political turmoil in the 20th century; World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. This show was recorded the day Gaddafi was killed in Libya, as the Occupy Wall Street movement was building, and as Wisconsin was gearing up to recall Scott Walker. The movements around the world have started the dialog on how we can make this a better place. Not everyone always agrees but that is OK. The good thing is that talking and doing are taking place. This show is another contribution from Tank Riot to that effort.

Tank Riot would like to thank Rob Campbell for sending us T-Shirts from his store, T-Shirt Town.

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