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100 Years!

Tank Riot: Episode 100

Show Notes

Now for 100 years of Tank Riot and 5 episodes of greatness! Or was that 5 years of Tank Riot and 100 episodes of stuff! To celebrate this milestone Tank Riot pulls out all the stops. No time limit. No topic is unfit. Secure your helmet, close the hatch, and by all means turn up the volume because this is episode ONE HUNDRED!

The Tank Crew take a look at recent visits to Madison by Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. They also look at local Wisconsin politics and disect the ad for Republican candidate for Governor Scott Walker which uses a fake Morgan Freeman voice. Once again, Republicans are using sleaze and deception to trick voters.

Sputnik visits Las Vegas. He sees Cher in concert, shops at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, visits the Liberace museum, and of course hits Circus Circus. Hear all the details in the show.

Next is some anticipation discussion about the upcoming 3D films; Star Wars 3D, Jackass 3D, and perhaps some day Howard the Duck 3D.

The team discuss the musical Wicked and the related books. They also look at the world of musicals in general.

The Tank Crew then go into Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Two epic space franchises enter the ring. What will remain after Tank Riot takes their shots?

How about a quick look at Glee vs. Cop Rock?

Tor discovers The Cool TV.

Tank Riot then moves into their main topic; Mad Magazine!

Listen to the show for contest details!

Plus Tank Riot talks and talks about about a whole bunch of other stuff. This show is massive. It has something for everyone and everything for you. Enjoy! Thanks for listening.

Oh, oh, oh, what about this one? R2-D2 vs. Data?




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