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Madison Music, Part 1

Tank Riot: Episode 61

Show Notes

Madison Music, Part 1! A Madison Music Round-up featuring songs by The Gomers, Sleeping in the Aviary, His and Her Vanities, Cribshitter, National Beekeepers Society, Knuckel Drager, Midwest Beat, Whatfor, Pale Young Gentlemen and more!

After some movie reviews the Tank Team gets right on the music. Here is the list of the music they cover complete with links! Oh yeah, vote for Obama because we don't want to talk about Palin anymore!

"I Been Over Dere"
Mike Zirkel The Album
Home Page
MySpace Page

YouTube Video 1
YouTube Video 2

"Write On"
Sleeping in the Aviary
Expensive Vomit in a Cheap Hotel
Science of Sound
Home Page
MySpace Page

"Moving Forward"
His & Her Vanities
A Thought Process
Science of Sound
MySpace Page

"Will You Go With Me?"
Cry a Little Rainbow
MySpace Page
Behind the Music Video

National Beekeepers Society
Pawn Shop Etiquette
MySpace Page
Look At Me Video

"Evel's Revenge"
Knuckel Drager
You Do Better!
MySpace Page
Mad Fabricators

"Cryin' Over You"
The Midwest Beat
Midwest Beat EP
Dusty Medical (label released EP as double vinyl EP release)
MySpace Page
Band's Label Page

"Call That Girl"
Sooner Late Than Never
Science of Sound
MySpace Page

"The Crook of my Good Arm"
Pale Young Gentlemen
Black Forest (tra la la)
Science of Sound
Home Page
MySpace Page

"One Word" (demo version)
The Hussy
MySpace Page

"Hey Mister"
Daniel Liberatore
Old Sewing Machine

The Hot Rockets
Home Page




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