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The Business Plot, Conspiracies, Part 4

Tank Riot: Episode 60

Show Notes

Conspiracies, Part 4! The Tank Team takes on the Business Plot where in 1933 a group of business men conspire to overthrow FDR. What does the Great Depression have in common with today? Who was Smedley Butler? Learn about Irenee Du Pont, Robert Clark, Gerald MacGuire and other plotters. Could a coup happen here? All this and much more!

The riot begins with movie and DVD reviews including Standard Operating Procedure, In the Valley of Elah, The Counterfeiters, and Burn After Reading.

With the country in depression and the dust bowl in full force, the United States was warming up to their new president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The year was 1933 and the populace was hoping FDR could bring back the prosperity they once knew. FDR's solution was the New Deal, a set of programs to help in troubled areas and find jobs for those in the unemployment lines. One group saw the New Deal as a threat to their way of life and that was the super rich. With funding for the New Deal likely coming from the wealthy, many in the upper class were looking for an alternative. Key business men designed a plot to overthrow FDR. Through Gerald MacGuire they contacted the Marine hero Major General Smedley Butler and tried to convince him to command a veterans army of 500,000 men to convince FDR to step aside. Listen to the show to find out what Smedley Butler did and what happened to the business plotters!




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