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Tank Riot: Episode 55

Conspiracies, Part 3

Show Notes

Conspiracies, Part 3! We discuss the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), Lt. Eric Shine, the murders of John Lennon and Abraham Lincoln, Bohemian Grove and more!

Sputnik gives us the low down (or high up) on HAARP. Is it a secret weapon? Could it be the realization of one of Nikola Tesla's most powerful inventions? Why are UFOs so interested in HAARP?

Tor looks at the United States Merchant Marine and conspiracy theorist Lt. Eric Shine. Is Eric Shine the next great investigative reporter or a loony tune in the making? Only time will tell.

Viktor looks at Steve Lightfoot's John Lennon murder conspiracy theory, throws in a review of The Dark Knight and ponders the future release of The Watchmen.

Sputnik reviews the controversy around the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Could Lincoln still be alive? For all this and more, listen to the show!

Tank Riot taps a special agent from Cinema Suicide to uncover the often naked sometimes satanic secret playground of the powerful called Bohemian Grove. Bush, Cheney, Nixon ... yeah, they have all been there!

Listen to show for all the gory details!

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