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Tank Riot: Episode 52

Henry Ford

Show Notes

Henry Ford! The team discusses a controversial and complicated capitalist. Why did Hitler love him? Why did he leave the farm? Why aren't you driving an Edsel? All this plus Rambo and Indiana Jones updates!

The show starts out off topic with the wrong Ford ... Harrison Ford! Viktor and Tor give a quick review of the new Indiana Jones movie. Viktor also reviews the new Rambo movie.

Most people know that Henry Ford is the man behind the Model T which is the car that made cars available to the masses. The Model T caused the collapse of the horse and buggy industry. It changed the way people lived, worked and loved. But there is a lot more to Henry Ford than the Model T, even a lot more than all those other alphabet cars. There is the way he treated his workers, his peace efforts in WWI, and his profiteering in WWII. There is the way that Ford and Adolf Hitler admired each other. There is Ford's belief in a worldwide Jewish conspiracy and his publications pushing that idea. For better or worse, Ford did change the world. Listen to the show to find out more!

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