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Tank Riot: Episode 46

Nikola Tesla

Show Notes

Nikola Tesla! The tank team discusses the brilliant scientist's complex life and inventions (AC power, radio, induction motors, rotary transformers and more!) Learn about his famous rivalry with Thomas Edison and other moments in his world changing career!

Nikola Tesla lived a long life from 1856 to 1943. His life story has many twists and turns filled with a tremendous amount of genius. Considered by many a mad scientist, he was infact brilliant and invented many of the things we use today. He likely was labeled "mad" because he exhibited odd traits for which today he may be diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Also given he was always researching on the cutting edge he tended to make claims that were simply unbelievable to his contemporaries.

Tesla had an intense rivalry with Thomas Edison over which form of electricity, AC vs. DC, would be the basis for the world's electrical grid. Tesla favored AC while Edison had already invested large sums of money in DC. Edison tried to claim AC was dangerous by killing animals with AC. The most infamous of this display is the killing of Topsy the elephant (shown below). While working for George Westinghouse, Tesla won the battle of AC vs. DC and of course the world is powered with AC systems today.

Lisen to the show for much more on Tesla.




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