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Tank Riot: Episode 16


Show Notes

Tank Riot looks at energy and what power sources have the potential to take us beyond the oil, coal, and atomic era. The Tank Team then looks at the Bush energy policy and evaluates its good and bad points.

Ethanol is all over the news these days as a cure for our oil addiction. But is it really a good idea? Is corn the best source for ethanol? What about switchgrass? Tank Riot explains why ethanol does not live up the hype.

Tor explains how New Zealanders are making bio-diesel from sewage. The Tank Team discusses how dairy farming, food processing, politicians, and Bill Frist in particular could make good energy sources.

Viktor discusses wind power, its problems, its potential, and which country is the wind leader.

Viktor goes on about solar energy. The typical way of making electricity from the sun is through photovoltaics, however, Viktor looks at sterling engines attached to parabolic mirrors. It turns out that the sterling engine idea might actually hold more promise.

Tor takes a look at Hot Dry Rock. The force of gravity heats the core of the Earth. By drilling down into the Earth we can find a hot granite layer. By using the hot granite to heat water, we can use the hot water (via a heat exchanger) to turn a turbine and generate electricity.

Viktor finds that the Bush energy policy is just one big subsidy package for the drillers and diggers. There is very little there to promote clean power. Once again, Bush and the Republicans are pushing us in the wrong direction.

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