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Tank Riot: Episode 15

The Neocons

Show Notes

What is Neoconservatism? Who is behind it? Tank Riot talks about the movement, its major neocon players and their goals. The Tank Team pushes neoconservatives Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney through the analysis grinder. Listen to the show to hear what comes out!

Sputnik traces Neoconservatism from liberal socialism and communism to the crazed idealogy of our leaders today. Although the neocons may use World War II as an example of how their philosophy works, Tank Riot explains how they are incapable of learning from WW2 strategies and post WW2 occupations. Tank Riot looks at Iraq, Iran, and Israel and how those countries fit into the scheme. They also discuss how the neocons have influenced presidential politics through the decades.

Viktor takes a deep look at Donald Rumsfeld and finds Rumsfeld has had his fingers in numerous devious plots going back decades. One instance in particular involved Frank Olson who after unknowingly being a LSD test subject in the CIA MKULTRA project, was a victim of a probable homicide. Over two decades after Olson's death, both Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld participated in the homicide cover up. Whether or not they knew it was a homicide remains unclear.

Tor discusses the World Bank and what neocon Paul Wolfowitz is doing as its new president. It appears he is trying to transform the bank's world view to one centered on American neoconservatism. Time will tell how this plays out.

In summary, the Tank Team finds the neocons warped with flawed idealogy, unable to learn from history, drugged with lust for power and money, and cursed with complete incompetence in world affairs. As for George W. Bush, he is protected by a God complex that deludes him into believing he is chosen by God to rule. Will he actually step aside at the end of his term?

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