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Tank Riot: Episode 11

Star Trek Fan Films

Show Notes

For some fans, watching Star Trek television shows and movies, reading Trek books, and "dressing up" at Trekkie conventions just isn't enough. They need to create their own Star Trek adventures. Tank Riot looks at the Star Trek films created by fans.

Star Trek New Voyages — New Voyages continues where the original series stopped. There are two shows currently, "Come What May" (the pilot), and "In Harm's Way". It is filmed at a secret location. Tank Riot wants to know, is John Kelley related to DeForest Kelley? A CORRECTION: Tor mentions they start the show with the NBC penguin, when in fact he should have said peacock. Is Tux the Linux penguin rotting Tor's brain?

Starship Exeter — Based in the same time period as the original series, the Exeter is also a Constitution class starship like the Enterprise. There is one complete show, "The Savage Empire". Lieutenant B'fuselek, an Andorian with blue skin and antenna, steals the show. The first act of "The Tressaurian Intersection" is also available and looks to be even better in terms of technical quality, acting, and plot.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier — Hidden Frontier is based in a post Voyager/Deep Space Nine era. There are many episodes available. Tor, Sputnik, and Viktor only had a chance to view a few episodes but found the plots to be excellent. However, Viktor found the green screen special effects to be distracting, while Tor thought the sound had too much distortion. This show has huge potential if they could increase the technical quality. We assume much of the distortion comes from file compression and that the master files are of higher quality. Any chance we can get high resolution (in both video and audio) versions?

Stone Trek — This is an animated parody. They have combined Star Trek and the Flintstones. It makes for an interesting 1960s combination.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning — This movie rocks! It is a Finnish Star Trek/Sci-Fi parody. It is in Finnish with English subtitles. Much of the movie was made in one of the creator's living room using a linoleum blue screen. They used a rendering farm (a.k.a. bunch of computers) in the kitchen to create the special effects. They added in some location shots and the whole thing took 7 years to make. If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you have to see this movie.

Fan films are not limited to Star Trek. Both Star Wars, and Batman have many as well. In fact Tor predicts, fan films and other amateur films will be grabbing a much larger share of the viewership in the years to come. Star Wreck proves it can be done. One day, Hollywood may be irrelevant.

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