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Tank Riot : Episode 9

2005 New Music Roundup

Show Notes

In this episode of Tank Riot, Viktor compiles a list of his favorite new music from 2005. Sputnik and Tor join in the discussion. Listen to the show for the complete analysis and view the list here.

(Smog) — A river ain't too much to love
Bill Callahan, released over 10 albums on Drag City out of Chicago! Such as "Supper" (2003) and "Dongs of Sevotion" (2000) which is a Viktor personal favorite.

Andrew BirdThe Mysterious production of eggs
Two albums into Righteous Babe ... 1st was Weather Systems in 2003. He is from Illinois, plays most of the instruments in acclaimed live shows, and will be at the High Noon Saloon February 17, 2006.

Pitchfork 6.6 slam by Rob Mitchum is just plain wrong ...

This is Lush upbeat pop. Lyricist and singer Colin Meloy is great tenor voice and dreamer. They are out of Portland Oregon. Picaresque is on Kill Rock Stars Label. They just signed to Capitol Records and begin recording uber label release this spring. Grab video for 16 military wives off of bittorrent if you can. This was a claim to fame of theirs. Bagman's Gambit is a Viktor personal favorite song off of the latest.

SpoonGimme Fiction
Britt Daniels is leader of the group, which was founded in 1992. A Series of Sneaks (1998) on Elektra is Viktor's personal favorite. Been on Merge Records since 2001. "Girls Can Tell" (Kill the Moonlight 2002), and "Sister Jack" (lyric: "I was in a drop D metal band called Requiem" reminded Viktor of Advance Cassette) are funny and good music. Tor digs "I Turn My Camera On".

Brian Eno (Britian) — Another Day on Earth
U2, Talking Heads, mS95 startup noise ... Eno has done an unbelieveable amount of work. Here Come the Warm Jets (1973) is a Viktor favorite. This is a return to that form, not better, but mentionable.

Art Brut (Britian) — Bang bang rock and roll
This is two to three chord rock and the truth. It is fun, but not very nutritious. "Formed a Band" and "My Little Brother" give you a taste. Download more if you like and you need to rock and/or clean your house.

Sigur Ros (Iceland) — Takk
This is their fifth album, and Takk means thanks. All lyrics on () are sung entirely in "Hopelandic", an improvised nonsense language created by Jðn Þðr Birgisson which resembles the sound of the Icelandic language. The lyrics on Takk are Icelandic.

Broken Social Scene (CA-toronto) — self titled
Founded in 1999, Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning are main members. You Forgot It in People, released in 2002 on arts and crafts, is a personal favorite for Viktor. This is their 4th album. Lush, dense pop arrangements, less structured than New Pornographers, but also challenging coffee drinker music.

Metric (CA-toronto) — Live It Out
Members include vocalist and keyboardist Emily Haines, guitarist James Shaw (also members of BSS). Good, sultry pop.

Constantines (CA-Toronto ) — Tournament of Hearts
This is art rock, and reminds one of the Clash in the vocals mainly but also resemble the rambly and sonic layers of Velvet Undergoround and even Sonic Youth. Somewhat Earnest, Tournament is a good album. They put on a great live show (Viktor loved them at the Annex!).

The New Pornographers (CA-vanc) — Twin Cinema
They were founded in 1997. This is their third album. Carl (A.C) Newnam thinks he's Brian Wilson or Burt Bacharach. This is Complicated coffee drinker power pop. The heavy arrangements almost prog-rock, but very entertaining with beautiful singing by Carl, Neko Case and others.

Wolf Parade (CA-montreal) — Apologies to the Queen Mary
They were recently signed to Sub-Pop, and Isaac Brock produced the album. They have a similar raw rock sound to Modest Mouse. This is a solid release from a band that's likely to be around a while.

Bright EyesI'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
This is Viktor's favorite album of 2005. Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis are the only permanent members of band. They are from Omaha Nebraska. Conor was born in 1980 and started playing in bands at age 13. His 6th or 7th album recorded as Bright Eyes. ... founder and member of Saddle Creek Records. Jim James from My Morning Jacket did backup. Emmy Lou Harris is on vocals. Digital Ash in a Digital Urn was released simultaneously. Motion Sickness is the latest album and is a live album chronicling the Wide Awake tour.

This episode is dedicated to Bryan Harvey, his wife Kathryn and their two daughters Stella and Ruby.




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