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Tank Riot : Episode 6

Show Notes

Viktor rates the new movie Zathura. This all somehow flows into Jon Favreau to do John Carter of Mars, and a pirate attack update. Sputnik tells all about Love Boat star Lauren Tewes and how Fred Rogers saved Julie. Tank Riot has a Sony Rootkit update. It is not good for Sony, which somehow leads to Bit Torrent, Jehovah Prince, and MC Hammer. Sputnik has file sharing dilemmas about the I2 Hub network shutdown. How many terrabytes was that? And this all ties into media formats, the RIAA fleecing of America, and the DVR future. What will you watch on your video iPod? Why does iTunes spell Dick as D**k? We will find out! President Bush visits Ulaanbaatar. It is time to save some gas and go by rail. What do old submarines and hybrid cars have in common? Where's my flying car? All this and more on this episode of Tank Riot.




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