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Tank Riot : Episode 1

Show Notes

In this very first episode of Tank Riot, Viktor, Sputnik, and Tor cover a plethora of topics. Sputnik starts with a discussion of George W. Bush's cure for the flu. The talk continues on about "V for Vendetta", the Supreme court, and the connection between Heineken and the building of the pyramids.

After discussion of the Green Bay Packers, John and Joan Cusack, the talk turns to science fiction. Tank Riot covers "Serenity" the movie, "Battlestar Galactica", and "Cleopatra 2525".

Sputnik reveals a beer hat confession and then goes on to tell about his trip to Graceland and the Heartbreak hotel. While in Memphis Sputnik viewed the Guggenheim travelling motorcycle exhibit and recounts seeing the Captain America motorcycle of "Easy Rider" fame.

So what did you read as a kid? Tank Riot discusses comic books and the Hardy Boys. Nicolas Cage named his son Kal El. Is a comic book a good source for a child's name? And how many of us want to be like the Hardy Boys, but end up like their friend Chet? It is thought provoking questions like these that are at the core of Tank Riot.

The discussion continues with "Star Wars", Chewbacca, Viggo Mortenson, Ninja Pirates, fake movie trailers, and light rail. And the episode ends with some very important advice from Sputnik.




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